Chasing Victory

(The Winters Sisters Book 1)

Victory Winters is on the run. A world-renowned geneticist, her mission involves conquering disease and improving quality of life. But a co-worker has been murdered, putting Victory and her mission in danger. Chasing her are all sorts of men who want to recruit and control her, manipulating her genetic secrets and research for their own corrupt purposes.

Naval officer Tristan Farraday is undercover investigating Biotec, a conglomerate that trumpets a better tomorrow in its bright, shiny annual reports. But Tristan's bosses suspect that beneath Biotec's carefully-managed exterior lies more than simple violations of a few experimental protocols.

Farraday is following a trail of murder, kidnapping, and blackmail. The trail leads him to Victory, who has been forced into Biotec's world. Can Tristan chase down the truth and win the race for Victory?


"Greed, power, and genetics combine with a steamy love story to stir up an action-packed, hot read in Joanne Jaytanie's Chasing Victory: The Winters Sisters, Book One...Jaytanie is off and running with a tension-driven novel, opening with a gripping scene...Jaytanie shifts character which increases tension, gives her the opportunity to develop her characters, and drives the story forward...Jaytanie adds chapter cliffhangers, sprinkles in romance and everything sinister, and proves her worth through rich descriptions and excellent dialogue all to produce a flurry of narrative twists to make a fast, fun read."- Chanticleer Reviews

"WOW!!This is the kind of debut novel that every author dreams about writing! Chasing Victory is perfect and masterful blending of science fiction, romance, and the paranormal into one tight perfectly delivered book..."- Saints & Sinners Books

"Sometimes a novel comes along that just hits all of your "right" buttons..."-Keeper Bookshelf

"A hard to resist start to a scorching series, Jaytanie has certainly raised high expectations for successive releases. Sure to be well received by ardent fans of the genre and beyond, it is highly recommended."-BookViral

"The fast paced action leaves the reader on the edge of their seat, turning pages fast, and wondering what happens next..."-Courting Fiction

"Joanne throws some curves at you and keeps you on your toes!"-LSK SweetheartReviews 

" was thrilling, it was exciting, it was excruciatingly tender...and more than that it is a damn good read. Joanne Jaytanie created believable characters and wove them into an intriguing story of deception, lies, and possible human biological warfare..."-Grace Augustine

"This story will break your heart as it raises you up with the humor."-Cyn

"Drama filled, secrets to uncover, having to stay one step ahead of the bad I am hooked on these sisters and their stories."- Denise Van plew

"This book is very plot driven. It is very well developed and you will feel as if you have been drawn into an action movie..."- Alice's BookWonderland

"Absolutely worth all 5 stars...Action, romance, suspense...This story has it all!"-The Naughty Librarian

"I couldn't put it down and when I did, I kept thinking about the characters."-Michael Maruniak

"Joanne Jaytanie has written a most exciting, edge-of-your-seat novel!"-Viv Drewa

"...packed with suspense, mystery, danger and romance with well developed good & evil characters, fabulous descriptions and non-stop action that keeps the reader engaged...It pulled me in from the start to the finish, then left me wanting more."- Deb Loves2read

The Winters Sisters