Christmas Reflections

(Forever Christmas in Glenville Book 1)

Reflecting on one’s life may lead to discovering a path you never knew existed.


As a teenager, Juliet Swanson couldn’t wait to get out of her hometown of Glenville, WA and move to the big city. She moved to California to attend college and then went to work for a large corporation. It didn’t take Juliet long to realize that clawing her way up the ladder at others expense wasn’t the life she wanted. She moved back to her hometown and fell in love with the ‘family feel’ of living. Now, if she could only find a way to make her dream career a reality she would have it all, except—Mr. Right.


Colton Weatherly is a city guy who eats and breathes his career as a project manager for an acquisitions corporation. He is assigned to acquire the Glenville Ski Resort, along with the Christmas Tree Farm. By Colton’s estimation, it will be an easy close, one he can wrap up in a single weekend. What he never planned on, was butting heads with Juliet Swanson, who is not the typical, small-town girl.

Christmas Reflections

Forever Christmas in Glenville Series