Payton's Pursuit

(The Winters Sisters Book 2)

Will Payton's pursuit of truth be her last?

Payton Winters is thrust into the position of CEO of The Winters Corporation after the sudden death of her parents. But the challenge of her new role is nothing compared to coping with her evolving enhanced abilities. Payton can ground those who possess psychic powers--some of whom have taken refuge at the Winters Corporation. Now she has unwillingly become a mental anchor for a man she wants no part of, Collin McBain. While on a routine mission, Collin is drugged, tortured, and injected with wolf DNA. Believed dead, he is secretly assigned to the Winters Campus; his only road back to life is through Payton.

Faced with her new roles, Payton realizes her life is based on half-truths. Now she's compelled to pursue her mother's research to understand why she and her two sisters were genetically altered before birth. Payton's pursuit embroils her in a world of secrets, lies, kidnapping, and murder, but her future depends on deciphering the lies of the past.


"I absolutely could NOT put this book down…The non stop action runs from cover to cover…To grab my interest on a topic such as genetics, and human testing is a huge step...From kidnapping, murder, mayhem, and sexual electricity. This book has it ALL." - The Naughty Librarian

"… a whole bunch of twisty turns that will have your engines racing until the very end. Consistent with her series is Jaytanie’s writing style, including a well-defined cast, woven together with engaging dialogue and riveting scenes.”- Chanticleer Book Reviews

“I ❤ Payton!!! Book 2 is amazing!” - JusJuls 

“Joanne has this unique ability to put the reader directly in the character's shoes & you literally feel the danger & excitement in this story!”- Platinum Book Reviews

“…find out for yourself one of the best kept secrets in the reading world....Ms. Joanne Jaytanie.”- Grace Augustine

“A diabolical plot brews in the midst of a steamy romance…"- Chanticleer Book Reviews

“Genetic mayhem!”- Bahama M.

" left me absolutely speechless...Joanne Jaytanie you have me in the palm of your hands pleading for more."-Tammy Hall

"The pages turn too fast. The last page came too soon." - SpongeMom

"...this is so different than any other book of this nature. Military soldiers were injected with wolf DNA but they do not turn into a wolf, they do not grow fur or sharp teeth...the author gives you a wonderful believable story of pain, sorrow, lost, starting over, control, mystery as she twists the story it is anyone's guess at the rips your heart out to see how normal people are changed and lose control, why badmen use this power to gain the upper hand..." - Cyn

"This is the kind of series that you get caught up in people's lives! Jaytanie does this with great style and mystery. I want to peek under the pages to see what is next. Fun, fun read." -Amazon Customer

"…filled with intrigue, murder, suspense and romance. The fast paced action leaves the reader on the edge of their seat, turning pages fast, and wondering what happens next." - Courting Fiction

"You'll have a lot of trouble putting this book down. But I'm sure the housework will wait." - Karen from A Thousand Lives Book Blog

"...can actually feel what is going on within the book as it happens, and cannot put the book down once it has begun. Not your everyday fluff but real mystery as it happens. IT was delicious!!" - Tinabale

"You have a lifetime fan and reader in me." - Melissa

"Payton's Pursuit is filled with tension, action, suspense and a wonderful combination of romance. The author does a great job of tying all the characters together to continue what will be a great Winter Sister Series." - Amazon Customer

"The combination of suspense, tension, and romance had me eagerly turning the pages...bad guys that need to be stopped...three sisters who need to know why they have powers and a mystery that needs to be solved regarding their mom and their genetic makeup. This story has it all!!!" - Jennifer for MNP

“Thrilling and tantalizing” – Chanticleer Reviews


“you yell, cry and laugh out loud” – JusJuls


 “my top ten series reads…It was marvelous!” – Saints and Sinners Books


“These are freaking amazing.”- Patty D. Wilderman


“Romantic suspense at its best.” – DelAnne for NetGalley



“filled with intrigue, murder, suspense and romance.” – Courting Fiction

The Winters Sisters